The law office of JUDr. Vladimír Gürtler – attorney at law. Guerrilla and street marketing expert

The law office of JUDr. Vladimír Gürtler – attorney at law, member of the Slovak Bar Association, license number: 3300, with its registered seat at Kollárova 15, 058 01 Poprad-Veľká, was established in September 2000 and during its existence gained a lot of professional knowledge, experience and contacts.

I am as well a political campaign communication expert (including guerrilla and street marketing matters).

I am very flexible in meeting points: High Tatras, Kosice, Bratislava (Slovakia), Prague (Czech Republic), Vienna (Austria).

Do not hesitate to call me + 421 911 177 007 (Slovakia) to arrange the meeting.

The basic principles of my work and success are creativity, dedication, decisiveness, endurance, loyalty and mainly confidentiality, which I consider to be one of the most important integral part of my work and professional relation to my Clients, so that they do not need to be afraid about an escape of information.

I cooperate with skilled professionals from the areas of financial market and securities, tax planning, accountancy, real estate, economics, etc.. The law office of JUDr. Vladimír Gürtler offers its Clients excellent local expertise and familiarity with Slovak legal environment coupled with a good ability to manage legal aspects of complex international transactions. I speak English, Spanish and Russian language.

I regularly contribute to specialised newspapers and magazines, execute legal analysis concerning new regulations for our Clients and take part in seminars and conferences.

To stress the satisfaction of our Clients I would like to mention, that during the existence of my law office I have not been sued or brought to the arbitration proceedings for damages by our Clients and most of our Clients can give a very good reference on my work considering the obligation of confidentiality.

The Areas of Practice

The Law office JUDr. Vladimír Gürtler have experience primarily in the areas of commercial law, administrative law, civil law and real estate as outlined below. I specialise mainly on the matters affecting the business. In addition to the core practice areas, I am fully capable of providing the client with advice and representing the client in respect of a whole range of private and public law issues, including power industry, intellectual property, environment, international trade and customs law.

I offer to the client the best suitable, flexible conditions of cooperation (see Appendix 1 – General conditions of providing legal services) to maintain the highest quality of the relation between my office and its clients.

My main areas of practice are:

1. Control your lawyer It is absolutely new product on the market of law services. My most preferable area of the law work.

2. Guerrilla and street marketing expert

3. Expert in negative political advertising, political psychology, mass communication and politics, news media and conspiracy theory, election and political campaign communication

Other areas:

4. Commercial law

Corporate – company law, start ups, Commercial register and trade licensing procedures, general meetings, increases and reductions of share capital, appointing and recalling of company bodies, transfers of ownership interests, control agreements, merger and acquisitions, division and winding up, joint ventures, corporate restructuring, investments. The main part of our Clients constitute private individuals – Limited Liability Companies and Joint Stock Companies, but we have experience as well with General Commercial Partnerships, Co-operatives and State Enterprises.

Contracts – all kinds of commercial as well as civil, licensing, franchising, sale of enterprise, loan, and other financing agreements. 

Securities and investment services – shares, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, new issues, registration of issues, transfers of securities and we have extensive experience in the area of asset management companies. 

5. Civil law

I elaborate for our clients an extensive range of contractual types in the area of property, movable and immovable objects, purchase, work, lease, insurance, etc. I advice our Clients on all aspects of their civil rights and in a case of breach we undertake all necessary steps to protect these right, execute and lodge the action on behalf of the Client and represent it in judicial proceeding or in the course of arbitration.

6. Real estate

I advise my Clients on all aspects of real estate transactions, including the purchase, sale and lease of residential and non-residential premises, mortgages and other security arrangements, investment projects, financing, development, construction, site assembly, etc.

7. Tax law and tax planning

As I consider the tax law and tax planning very important for every successful entrepreneur, my Law office cooperates with skilled tax advisors, accountants and auditors to supply our Clients with the best suitable tax solutions.

I can more explain and clarify to you all your questions personally, so do not hesitate to call me + 421 911 177 007 (Slovakia) to arrange the meeting.

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Communication languages: English, Spanish, Slovak, Czech